Gozem is Africa's #1 Super App — providing various on-demand transportation, shopping, delivery, and financial services in one app for users in West and Central Africa.

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Gozem is Africa’s transport app. We launched in 2018 in Togo with the conviction to bring world-class digital services to under-served populations in West and Central Africa, starting with the transport/mobility sector.

Today, we offer diverse transportation services on our platform, including motorcycle-taxis, car-taxis, and tricycle-taxis, and tomorrow we will offer complementary services like food & parcel delivery, financial services, and more, based on the needs of our customers.


Like magic, Gozem takes care of all your transport needs. No more time and energy spent in vain searching for a trustworthy driver at a fair price.


Every Gozem driver is trained and certified. Each trip is tracked in real-time by GPS. And every trip is insured.


Move around the city whenever you want with certified drivers you can trust. Gozem is committed to providing high quality service.

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